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One hundred years ago in 1924 John Holden surveyed a section of his family property which he called Holden Beach Resort. In the 1940’s an ocean front land with a house sold for around $600.00.

In 1954 the island was devastated by Hurricane Hazel which inundated the estimated 300 houses.

That however did not stop the great generation from rolling up their sleeves and rebuilding their vacation paradise. Inside of four years a forward thinking group of parcel owners formed a corporation and built a pier for fishing and recreation which would remain a mecca for visitors to the beach and a community center for meetings and gatherings in the early years.

The town incorporated in 1969 and the parcel owners paid taxes enabling the infrastructure such as paved streets, sidewalks and eventually potable water to be developed welcoming more homes and visitors to the island. This group of individuals that pay the bills are the Concerned Taxpayers Group. Our votes are counted per tax bill with some members having multiple votes. We are a self-organizing group that may not be residents or local voters but have an equal stake in the islands future direction through payment of taxes.

At the turn of the century (2000’s) the island was filling up and the individual septic system was no longer adequate for increased development. This raised the need for a public sewer system. This was paid for and accomplished by a connection fee and a yearly payment of $500.00 on every tax bill for 20 years which would end in the year of 2025.

We now have another infrastructure project which needs immediate attention and that is the Holden Beach Fishing Pier. After 65 years it is time for a new structure that will once again be a defining part of Holden Beach. We as parcel owners feels as though a state of the art modern concrete structure with all the amenities and a lifespan of over 75 years, would add value to our properties and vacation experiences for ourselves our children and grandchildren for generations as we have enjoyed what our previous generations have done for us.

To better establish a cost for a new pier we asked for estimates from architect Chip Hemingway and Clancy & Theys Construction Company who are the builders of Jennettes Pier in Nags Head N.C. One of the nicest concrete piers on the east coast and the only group to do so in N.C. The estimate was in large part based off the plans for Jennettes however with a one third smaller building and not as elaborate. The figure they came back with was around $30,000,000.00 dollars. This figure sounds unobtainable when first considered but the lifespan of the pier is estimated at 75 to 100 years in the graveyard of the Atlantic. The cost for Jennettes was $25,000,000.00 dollars in 2011 so the chance to create a lasting structure to be enjoyed for generations is now.

There is no question this project would be beneficial and enjoyed for generations but we need our political representatives to spend some of their political capital as Senator Bassnight did to bring these kinds of projects to fruition. When he pushed the project through there was stiff opposition but years later people thank him for saving some of the Variety Vacationland of old N.C. as piers are vanishing and no longer have the numbers once held. Looking back $25,000,000.00 dollars was a bargain. It’s a shame it takes around five hours for someone from Brunswick County to see it.

Many millions of dollars of FEMA funds and insurance claims have been paid to repair older wooden structures through the years so all we ask is to proactively invest some of our tax dollars into a more permanent solution and taxpayer beneficial attraction.

Brunswick County is the number one growth county in N.C. and seventh in the nation. The site of The Holden Beach Pier is over 30 minutes in either direction by land to nearest pier or an hour during the season. This area has a zip code of 28462 which has experienced a 30% population growth while the county as a whole scored a 14% increase. This area is also seeing building at a rapid pace. The longest beach and zip code in Brunswick County is filling up and we need to look toward the future with infrastructure to last.

Thousands upon thousands of people from everywhere visit Holden Beach N.C. each year and the numbers are only growing. Proper planning prevents poor performance. Government assistance is the only viable solution.

We would ask the state and federal politicians to fund this nonpartisan project with a two third investment of our tax dollars which would be approximately $20,000,000.00 dollars which would reap revenue for up to 100 years for government through taxes for their part. Holden Beach Taxpayers would continue to pay off the over $3,000,000.00 for the purchase of the existing pier and facilities and pay the amount of $10,000,000.00 dollars over ten years.

The proposal that we would put forward as taxpayers would be to continue the infrastructure payment now concluding for “sewer” and obtain new funding which would show the item as “pier” when final payment is made in 2025. This would not raise taxes or any other cost and allow the town taxpayers and visitors from off the island to have one of the finest facilities on the east coast to enjoy for over 75 years at present value dollars.

The current fee at $500.00 X over 3100 properties now being assessed comes to over $1,500,000.00 per year and would pay the $10,000,000.00 for a new pier in around 10 years or less. However, the fact that not only Holden Beach parcel owners but people from everywhere will also enjoy this attraction. We need assistance from our state and federal governments to help defer the cost by making an investment in the future. This would help to cover the cost and take some of the burden off of the island. We would add these bullet points:

  • *The facility must never be sold.
  • *The facility will remain in control of the town.
  • *The town will create a pier committee with knowledgeable taxpayers not limited to residents but most qualified in real estate management and other aspects to consult on decisions. Enabling input by concerned taxpayers.
  • *The facility will have capability for a restaurant establishment with all permits, a walk up grill for concessions as well as tackle shop.
  • *The town will retain proceeds generated by the facility in a pier account to cover any costs and insurance incurred.
  • *A community center for Community, Private and Educational events will be included in design.

Below you will find the information we have asked for. An estimate on this facility from North Carolina architects and builders located in N.C. which have experience in building structures of this type keeping the money in the state.

Clancy & Theys Letter

Good afternoon –

In response to your request on March 21, 2024 to provide a budget for the Holden Beach Pier replacement & community building project, we are providing our conceptual opinion of cost as described below. This information is based on the schematic sketch produced by BMH Architects dated December 8, 2022 attached to this email. In an effort to provide an all-inclusive budget, I pulled some internal archives on a similar pier we constructed several years ago so we could reference constructability details, products, means and methods that would be required for the proposed project in Holden Beach. Additionally, we have had a few collaboration sessions with a marine contractor that is qualified to perform this type pier construction.

For accounting purposes, the breakdown of the opinion of cost is as follows:

  • $543,213 = Civil; Demolition of the Existing Building, Earthwork, Utilities, Hardscape & Deep Foundations for the Proposed Building
  • $590,668 = 860 GSF Bath House
  • $6,570,124 = 11,000 GSF Multi-Tiered Pier House
  • $22,939,802 = 1,000 LF New Concrete Pier & Temporary Trestle, Demolition & Disposal of Existing Pier

$30,643,807 = Grand Total Opinion Of Cost Budget

Please note that this is an opinion of cost based on historical data in conjunction with our understanding of the scope of work you have briefly described.
Thank you.

Zach Cromer​​​​
Vice President Director of Preconstruction Wilmington
Clancy & Theys Construction Company
2250 Shipyard Blvd., Suite 1
Wilmington, NC 28403


Parcel Owners Petition Form

We the undersigned Parcel Taxpayers Group who agree in principle with this statement on a new pier facility. One vote per parcel in the Town of Holden Beach.

Note: Only First Name, Last Name, and County/Town/State Where You Reside and Vote will be published on the respective submissions page.

Supporters Petition Form

Off island taxpaying visitors in agreement:

Note: Only First Name, Last Name, and County/Town/State Where You Reside and Vote will be published on the respective submissions page.


Politicians in support of this petition may Click Here to contact David Bond via email.

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